Who is ‘eriktravels’?¿

Non travel related blog post: A brief introduction to myself and information on a subject very personal to me, that has had a big impact on my life. 🧠mentalhealthawarenessweek

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Going to Bali?

Planning a trip to Bali? Read this short travel guide offering advice and some tips of do's and don'ts in this beautiful island.

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No Money No Worries

Guide on travelling with a limited income or on a tight budget. This short guide will give you options for seeing the world.

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Organising Your Travels

Organise your perfect holiday with this concise guide. Make your next trip stress free with the best preparation and planning.

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Get down to Dubai

By far one of my favourite places to visit. Dubai has so much to offer and in this post, I explain what I love so much about this mega rich city.

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Blackpool is still alive (kind of)

Blackpool, a small seaside town in the UK regularly gaining publicity for the wrong reasons. This article explores what is going wrong with this town and whether it can return to its former glory.

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