A Short Guide To Poulton-Le-Fylde

Poulton- Le- Fylde, the ‘posh historic market town’ (near Blackpool)

Poulton, often mistaken as ‘Bolton’ in conversations with someone from out of the area. This small village just outside of Blackpool, dates all the way back to the Medieval times and even features in the ‘domesday book’. This historic, market town is also known by locals as the ‘posh’ place to live, however Poulton is not just a boring small village.

There is a strong sense of community here, with the ‘everyone knowing everyone’ kind of vibe. The village centre has evolved over the years; coming from a small and simple market town with the ‘stocks’ and ‘fish slab’ which still stand in the square, as a reminder of the history of the town, nowadays the centre has changed with the times and the economy, having chain stores and local ran shops. The nightlife of Poulton has also grown massively in the past few years, from just the local pubs and well established Cube Bar and the Grapevine, to now having many different small bars popping up on every corner.

Technology in this small medieval town has definitely changed the social workings. With the recent introduction of local village Facebook groups, ‘Poulton- Le- Fylde Chat’ has become the new centre of Poulton. Communication in this village has changed with this group, with regular posts, voicing their opinions about various things happening within Poulton, such as business changes, activity groups and general goings-on in and around Poulton. The novelty of the group chat is possibly its main attraction to many young people of the town, with a mix of different generations joining together on one platform with many different opinions on life. The recent trend on the group has been the state of the roads of the area, more specifically, the many potholes that litter the local area. This topic has sparked outrage with the community and mixing with the ‘bad parking’ incidents, posting anything on the group is a risky move and could end in backlash from the local residents strong opinions. The group, however does provide some positive information, such as recommendations and local events and it does aid local businesses with free advertising reaching a local audience.

My experience of life in Poulton has been a positive one, growing up in a quiet and safe place was something I completely took for granted, but since seeing many places around the world, I have concluded that growing up in Poulton has being a blessing. Life in this small town has enabled me to have multiple job opportunities and make many friends. Working in Cube bar opened my eyes to the evolving nightlife of poulton, It also just proves how Poulton is increasingly in popularity. Cube is one of the most well known and well established bar/ restaurant in Poulton and is constantly evolving. Cube is a prime example of how Poulton has modernised to come into the 21st century. Cube bar is also a large employer of many young people in the village and having worked there myself, I can apprise that it is a great place to work and is a great starting point for individuals to gain confidence, learn people skills too move on to their next adventure. I left my job at Cube to work in health care, where I have since enrolled and am attending further education to further my career in nursing. Others who have worked at Cube have since gone on, to travel the world, manage restaurants themselves or run their own business. It also ensures the safety of Poulton nightlife, with a team of security guards, who together, cover most areas of Poulton. This is especially important with the increasing number of drinkers coming to Poulton for a night out, as opposed to going to Blackpool, because of its quieter but more premium attraction.

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