No Money No Worries

Travelling costs money, obviously. However there are companies that enable you to travel and see some unreal places, including accommodation and food & drink for an incredibly low price. Usually when travelling people just think about booking cheap hostels and saving a shed load of money by working there ass off before hand but if you read this, you might be able to skip the ‘hard work’ part and just go straight to the travel bit.

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A smart way of seeing new places and experiencing new things, is too look for volunteer work or working packages. ICS is a charity company that enables you to volunteer all around the world, experience other cultures and make a difference to peoples lives for a fraction of the cost it would be to visit there on your own. ICS is for people 18- 35 and is located in some of the poorest areas in the world. It is an amazing opportunity and i strongly suggest to check out there website to enquire about one of there programs. It is a once in a lifetime trip and will genuinely make a difference to other peoples lives.


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Another way to travel for less, or even less than less and make a profit off travelling, is to go to a camp. With new companies now running camps all over the world, you are not just limited to America, they have camps in the Philippines, Thailand and Europe. For camps, you usually pay a small amount which covers costs of the flights, insurance, accommodation, food and transport, then you get payed and make all the money back sometimes even making a profit. Camps are a great way to experience new cultures, as you work with people from all over the world and look after people from the chosen location which gives you a massive incite in there way of life. There is so many companies that run camps worldwide, the hardest choice you have to make is which camp you want to go too, including care work, sport, drama and arts & crafts. There is so much choice when deciding to go to a camp and it is in my opinion, one of the best ways to travel for cheap, sometimes even completely free, it is great for students as usually they take place in the summer months, so most students can return in time for term starting.

TEFL is a teaching qualification that is valid around the globe. Obtaining this qualification for a small fee, which can be done ‘online based’ from home, opens so many doors to places you can live and visit. Because you have the qualification you will have the opportunity to teach english in 100s of locations, get payed and live in the location for as little or as long as you want. It is considerably better payed than the camps, so it enables you to live and take further trips whilst you are working. I know plenty of people who have used the TEFL qualification to travel, living in places like south Korea and China.


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