Going to Bali?

Bali, Indonesia is one of the best destinations I have ever visited. It literally has everything for a portion of the price you would expect to pay. Bali is incredibly popular with the Australians as it is only a short flight from Perth. With £1 equating to nearly 20,000 Indonesian Rupiah, it takes a bit of getting used too when you first arrive.


Landing in the airport, prepare for a very long and slow immigration line, which will test your patient to the limit, especially if you have flown direct from England. Getting past the huge line and collecting your luggage, don’t relax just yet. When you leave the terminal you are greeted by (no exaggeration) hundreds of blue shirted taxi drivers, all shouting and literally trying to take your cases to go with them in a taxi. Don’t be too scared, they do charge a lot (300,000 rupiah for a 45 min drive to Seminyak), but at 2am with no sleep I didn’t care at all and just wanted to get to the hotel. The driver was really nice to be honest and told us a lot about the culture and what to see and do.

I have only visited Bali once so I am far from an expert on visiting this beautiful region. However I may give some advice or pointers that you might not have seen, or you didn’t think of yourself. Below is a short list of some do’s and don’ts on what to do in Bali, whether its your first visit or 10th, it is always good to see other peoples experience, to maybe improve your own.

IMG_20180302_180547 (2)

List of Do’s and Don’ts for a visit to Bali.

When you get to your hotel, have a good check of the rooms eg: check if the aircon isn’t leaking, room isn’t damp and make sure that all doors lock (inc balcony doors).

Check out your local area, use the wifi and maps to get your bearings, make sure you ask or find out how to clearly say and describe the place you are staying, in order to tell taxi drivers! (you don’t want to be driving round Bali looking everywhere being ripped off).

When you do get a taxi, use the meter!!! definitely do this, drivers will offer a set price but it is almost always way more expensive than the metered price you will get. (meters start at around 7000 rupiah)

Book a local driver for the day, instead or on- top of renting a moped. I used the service Bali cabs, it worked out to around £30 a day, but it is well worth it for the local knowledge and amazing experiences that come with the day. I had 3 days with a driver called ‘Katut’, who took me all over Bali emerged me into the Balinese culture.

Don’t just get carried away with the cheap cocktails and luxury of the hotel/ resort you are staying in. The region is filled with amazing street food, natural springs, coral & marine life, active volcanos and animal encounters. Get out your village and explore the whole island, its about 3/4 hours from top to bottom. I stayed in Seminyak, which is in the middle/ west of the island, so it was great to take trips to both the top and bottom of the island.

Don’t be a push over! You will get completely ripped off in the local shops unless you stick to your guns and barter for the bargain. It is easy to just agree with their offers, however they will almost always go cheaper. Sometimes just walking away will make them offer an even lower price, or agree to your offer.

Currency. Take both Indonesian Rupiah and US Dollars, they both are accepted pretty much anywhere. US dollar, take small amounts eg: $1, $5 and $10 notes, as you won’t need more at one time. Also with the Rupiah, try to get 50,000 notes, as often venders may say they do not have enough change.

See as much as you can! Like I mentioned above, hire a driver and try to cover as much ground as you can. See all Bali has to offer including the monkey forrest, turtle island, the Volcano’s and water sports! I would 100% recommend to go scuba diving in the south of Bali or in Sanur. It was the best experience of my life (no lie).


The list could go on and on, as there is literally so much to do in this tiny place, I go into depth a bit more in the ‘what to do and where’ section. I would 100% recommend Bali as a holiday destination. If you are heading there soon, I hope this information is helpful and prepare to fall in love with Bali you’ll never want to go anywhere else.


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  1. I absolutely loved Bali, but found where I stayed (Seminyak) to be very expensive after Cambodia and Vietnam! It was gorgeous though, and my poor finances were probably due to my overspending in the weeks prior 😂

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      1. You MUST get to Cambodia. It’s beautiful and amazing, and you absolutely won’t regret it if you book it. Have you been to other places in Indonesia?


      2. India for sure. I just went to Rajasthan though, but I loved it. And also Morocco if you fancy North Africa!


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