🇺🇸 Cheap travel plan to the USA 🇺🇸

I know plenty of people who dream of visiting USA. I personally love the country, I think its amazing and I would go back multiple times a year if I could and hope to live there one day in the future. Visiting the USA is often seen as an expensive, luxurious trip and slightly exclusive to people with a lot of money.

Being a student now I am often looking for ways to save money and will elaborate on travelling whilst being a student in a future blog post. However I have recently been planning on another trip to the USA on a very tight budget and believe I have worked one out.

Rough Travel Itinerary


Washington DC, the capital city of USA, there is literally so much to do there. Flights are also very cheap, £270 for a flight from Manchester to Washington Dulles. Most the things to see in this wonderful city are also FREE. The huge row of Smithsonian museums are all completely free and state ran, they are also incredibly interesting, even the ‘post museum’ is so fun! As well as the museums, there is also the other famous landmarks such as the Whitehouse, Capitol building, Lincolns memorial which are also all free to view and get pictures of. George town is an older fashioned town within the city and it is a wonderful place to have a wonder round. Within Washington they also have a great public transport system with the metro allowing easy movement around the city.

ocean city

From Washington DC, My plan then would be to travel to Ocean City in Maryland via the ‘Megabus’ which is a super easy and ‘Mega-cheap’ way of getting around. Ocean city is a lovely little beach town on the east coast. In summer it can be a lovely place to have a beach holiday and usually to get there, you will have to travel through the state of Delaware which is tax-free and is a lot cheaper than most other places. In ocean city there is a lot of activities in this small beach town; miles of boardwalk, theme parks, art and hundreds of shops, restaurants and bars. It is a great place to visit which is usually an unsuggested destination when visiting the states.

baltimore harbour

Onwards from Ocean city, I have planned to travel back towards DC, to Baltimore. Another underestimated destination to visit, Baltimore is a lovely city and has plenty to offer. Baseball and Football (Orioles and the Ravens) which can make two great days out, which are very cheap day long activities. Baltimore gives you a great view of American life, be sure to visit the harbour, which is beautiful on a sunny day. It is home to many bars, malls and restaurants and the infamous ‘Baltimore Aquarium’, which is pretty pricey but it is a lovely activity. Hotels here are also very cheap which makes it easy to find a spot close to the centre and just like Washington, there is a great public transport system with metro and busses to take you everywhere. Moving onwards from Baltimore, again using Megabus too return back to DC and onwards to Washington Dulles Airport for my return flight home.

Accommodation Costs

For accommodation for the trip, in Washington DC the prices vary. AirBnB have rooms for £25 p/n close to public transport, near the centre of the main attractions. In Ocean City the prices for hotels go from around £30 to £40 per night, which generally sit on the beach front allowing easy access to the beach and boardwalk into the town centre. Accommodation in Baltimore in the city centre varies from £40- £50 per night on booking.com and from £20 to £45 on AirBnB.

Transportation Costs

Transport on the Megabus from Washington DC to Ocean City, starts at $32. From Ocean City to Baltimore from $22 and finally from Baltimore to Washington DC for around $10. Travelling with Megabus makes transport unbelievably cheap and onboard it is comfortable and offers free wi-fi, so you can watch a movie or surf the web to pass the time.

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