Days out in the UK: 🏍️ Oulton Park πŸοΈ

Map of Oulton Park In UK


oulton park pit lanesOulton park is a race track just East of Chester on the map. I remember going to Oulton park to watch F3 racing. I’m not that into cars myself, I prefer bikes, but there is literally so much to do on a race day, you will never be bored. The noises, seeing the stripped down cars in the paddock, FREE stuff from companies and loads of market stalls, it honestly is such a great day out.

I recently visited Oulton Park on the 6th of May 2018 to watch the Bennett’s British Motorbike Championship. I am no racing aficionado, I merely follow MotoGP, but I wanted to experience watching racing bikes and hear them go past. It was an amazing day and the track temp was 28 degrees! so I ended up a bit sunburnt. I set off from Blackpool on my bike at 7am to arrive at the track at 9am (avoided motorways otherwise it would have been quicker). I then parked up, checked in my leathers and jacket and proceeded to have a mooch round. There is always so much going on when there are big races on and you will never be bored, even if you’re not that into cars or bikes.

Oulton park action shot of passing motorbike

Pillion experience Motorbike Oulton Park

The ticket for the day was Β£16 and usually small kids go free, parking was free also which was great (for bikes anyway, not sure about cars). There was a tent where you could leave your heavy jacket, pants and boots so you don’t have to carry them around, which for 6 quid isn’t too bad (money from the tent goes to charity). In the park, there is an abundance of food trucks, with every type of food on offer, there is also the Oulton Park cafe, which has hot food and breakfasts. I would recommend you take a bit of cash with you as most places do not accept card and there is no ATMsΒ within the park.

It is a great day out for a sunny day, and doesn’t work out too expensive either. If your travelling by car, I’d definitely recommend bringing chairs or a blanket to sit on (probably a blanket if your travelling by bike).

England can be a lovely place and sometimes the best days are the most unexpected things. I would definitely recommend coming to Oulton Park for a day, it’s a great experience for everyone. The atmosphere is great and everyone is always friendly, it is a completely family friendly place as well, so it is perfect for all ages. Its cheap, exciting and a completely alternative day out, which you may have not thought about before.

Have a look for some up-coming events at the park on

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