Why research your destinations?

Whenever I go anywhere, whether it be in the UK or around the world, I always research the places I visit. I will read up on the area and surrounding area, looking at what I can get up to on my adventures. ‘Lonely Planet’ is hands down my favourite company to use when researching for my trips. It is a reliable source and covers pretty much everywhere in the world. Whenever I am in an airport and want a quick read, I’ll usually pick up their magazine, which is full of trip ideas and travelling tips that are genuinely so useful.Β  Even their YouTube channel offers some great advice on most destinations and give you a little idea of where you are going to potentially visit.

At home I’m often sat in bed watching videos of potential cheap and exciting places to get to next, I am subscribed to Lonely Planet and end up watching their videos for hours on end. I think it is hugely important to research the places you are about to visit, because you can then prepare for what you are going to do there, what there is to see and what problems may potentially occur. When I go away with my partner I am usually the organiser, so I have to prepare myself and fill the trip with lots of exciting things to do. When we took our recent trip to South East Asia, I spent a day in York (UK) and spent a few hours in a ‘Waterstones’ cafe reading the ‘Lonely Planet travel guide for Thailand’. It definitely had a big influence over the course of my trip and the places I visited whilst I was there. I would definitely recommend reading one before you travel or even if you are just looking for ideas where to go, get your hands on one of their magazine.

Researching a destination before travelling there can also familiarise yourself with the place before you have got their. It makes you feel a lot more comfortable if you know what to expect, especially if you are going somewhere new and the culture is completely different. Travelling can be scary and stressful, but as I wrote one of my recent blog posts, the right preparation is key to having the most relaxing and stress free travel experiences possible.

Check out lonely planets YouTube channel for some info on where your going or some ideas of where you might go to in the future –> Youtube.com/lonelyplanet

Also pick up a magazine from a shop or have a look at their travel guides on the website, they are 3 for 2 at the moment!

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