Manchester Christmas Markets

I go to the Christmas markets every year, or at least I try too. Personally I am not much of a Christmas lover, however I do enjoy going to the markets in Manchester for an evening. Walking around the city with about 4/5 layers on to keep warm, stopping off every so often for a pint of some strong german beer, a mulled wine and a huge bratwurst hotdog. It is a good way to spend the evening or day with a group of friends.

It also makes you very much appreciate Manchester seeing all the hundreds of stalls selling anything and everything, smelling different foods on every corner and seeing how much effort has gone into making the city look festive. I enjoy the mix of the German and European cuisine that is brought to the city and even though most the time, the streets are massively overcrowded,  it brings people from all over the country.

What I have seen criticised about the Manchester Christmas markets recently however, is the prices. Whilst the prices of food and drink in the market is a little high, it is not somewhere that you would be doing your ‘big weekly shop’, it also isn’t somewhere that most people visit more than 1 or 2 times each year. Personally I will ignore the prices for the evening that I am there, enjoy a few drinks with my friends, have a hotdog and a good wonder around looking at all the bits and bobs being sold. Just like anywhere in the world, things are only as expensive as you make them.


Most cities in the uk have this type of Christmas markets and with me being from the north west, I believe Manchester has the best one. However all over the country, the Christmas markets are a very similar theme, they bring lots of business to the areas, it allows days/nights out from almost anyone and there is something for everyone there. I look forward to the Christmas markets when it starts getting close to that time of the year and I would recommend it to anyone, spend a day, spend an evening or go overnight.

I am also hopefully visiting London in the next couple of weeks. So I will definitely be visiting their Christmas markets down there as well.

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