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Tattoos in this modern age are becoming more and more acceptable and mainstream. From the old school, hand poked tattoos with an authentic and raw look to them, to the modern colourful and ‘fine art’ style. I love all tattoos and I see them as a work of art, even the hand poked ‘done at home’ types, because they all either have some cool or deep meaning behind them, or they are just incredible pieces of art that will be around for literally a lifetime. There are way to many styles of tattoos to list and describe in a short blog post, my personal favourite are neo- traditional and realism. I enjoy many types of art however there is something about the skill of tattooing that I completely adore.

Around the world tattoos have many meanings, for example in Japan, tattoos are associated with crime and the mafia. This started many many years ago when the Japanese ‘government’ decided to mark all criminals with tattoos. In the UK tattoos were largely associated with the underground scenes, sailors and criminals.

Tattoos in Africa have various meanings, for example in the Arabic areas, tattoos are seen as a taboo. However in other areas, scarification methods are used in order to scare away evil spirits. Buddhist tattoos have religious meaning and are traditionally done using ‘bamboo’. In Thailand Bamboo tattoos are common, however they are slightly more expensive than the normal method as they require a unique skill which isn’t as common, it also takes a bit longer. When I visited Thailand I new about the Bamboo style tattoos and I was incredibly eager to try it for myself. I got a small Elephant on my arm, I absolutely love it because of the memories it brings from the trip and it is such a work of art and so detailed. It also didn’t hurt as much as the modern style.

Tattooing in the UK I am very picky with and I have a trusted artist who has been inking me for years now. I have watched his art develop whilst he used new tools and tries new techniques. Whilst Blackpool has been known for its shit ‘night out’ tattoos, the rise of some well known shops and artists, Blackpool’s tattoo scene is regaining its spot on the map. Connor Prue, formally an artist at ‘Hello Sailor’, has opened his own shop called Empire tattoos and piercings, which is a modern and professional shop and an amazing group of staff. When I get my tattoos I know that I will be well looked after and I have all the trust in Connor and the team at the shop.

Tattooing as an art form is always evolving and the latest evolutionary method that has become very popular with artists everywhere is the Ipad pro, with ‘pro- create app’. This allows for precise stencils to be drawn in a fraction of the time, whilst also expanding the variation of designs. I have personally seen big differences with artists that utilise this tool and I fully understand why it has become so popular with artists.

I 100% recommend anyone from the northwest area to take a look at empire tattoo and piercing if they are looking for somewhere to get inked in the north west.

Also Please check out my art Instagram @ecfart_stuff where I post pictures of my doodles and my art to try and track my progression and get hints and tips.

connor prue tattoo from tattcon blackpool 2018
Connor Prue’s work on myself. arm, torso and chest.

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