Christmas in London.

I decided to go to London at the very last minute. Me and my friend planned to go down there for a few days, have a little explore round and see the ‘Winter Wonderland’ at Hyde park. Which I mentioned in my previous post about Manchester Christmas Markets.

We booked our train tickets and booked the cheapest possible accommodation which worked out at around £15 per night, pretty close to central London. We used AirBNB where I also had £25 credit for recommending it to a friend. Now I wont sugar coat the place that we stayed.. it was indeed a bit of a dump, in probably not the best area, but nevertheless it was a dry and cheap bed for the night.

The flat we stayed turned out to be a counsel flat in a high rise block, that was illegally sub- letted to travellers. We did report this after our trip home, as it was taking a potential home away from someone to make money for a non deserving individual.

Entrance to Winter Wonderland, Hyde park

The first day we went exploring round central London, ticking off all the sightseeing spots in record time. Just taking in the architecture of the city and the amount of money that was obviously present there. It was beautiful weather for the Saturday before Christmas, so we decided to get a ‘Boris bike’ to get round the capital quicker. This was definitely a fun but scary idea.

Winter Wonderland itself is just amazing. I don’t think words can really give justice to such a well put together and impressive Christmas display. Huge rollercoasters, rides, bars, market stalls and stages for music were all spread out over a vast space. You almost wouldn’t believe that it was temporary. The only downside was everything was super expensive (but hey, what do you expect from London), and the lines for all the rides and attractions were absolutely huge, so be prepared to wait and wait and wait some more if you plan on ticking all the rides off.

SOHO, In its Christmas Colours.

London is not my favourite place to visit, by a long shot. However it is definitely an experience that wont disappoint, from obscenely expensive shops too beautiful green parks in the middle of some of the most famous landmarks in the world. I am glad I experienced the capital city in all its winter glory and I would seriously recommend it to anyone wanting a short trip away.. it really doesn’t have to be expensive. London is like NYC, you can spend however much money you want to spend whether it be a little or a lot.

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