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Cheap, affordable and value for money ‘Blog Post Advertising’.       

The perfect advertising option for small, local or beginner businesses/ blog. Or just businesses/ blogs with a small advertising budget. 

Do you want your business to be viewed 400+ a day with a positive write up? For a small one-time payment of £30, the blog will be posted and regularly shared for 30 days, gaining hundreds and thousands of views. Each blog will have an eye catching GIF image as the featured image and will have multiple images throughout the blog. This is the perfect way to have cheap, affordable advertising for your business or even increace traffic to your own blog.

The blog will also include multiple links to your businesses website and to multiple products on the site. This will be an advantage to your business, as the blog will boost your sites SEO with its high quality links. Each blog will be 800 words minimum, will be professionally written and proof read for quality assurance.

As the business you will be able to request what parts of the site you would like to be featured mostly. Also you will be able to choose images to go into the blog post and the time and date the post will be posted. Otherwise you can just pay the small fee and I will control the content, provide multiple links & images and your business can benefit from extra views and potential customers.

Click the link below to get the best advertising deal you will ever find! Fill in the contact form to tell me a bit about your business, including, who you are?, how you started and what your speciality is. Also tell me what URLs you want to be featured.

Or just enquire about ‘Blog Post Advertising’ and ask me anything.

30 Day Blog Post

1 x 800+ worded blog post, on your chosen company or service. Multiple images & Links, High quality grammar checked post, Personal review, recommendation, sounds natural & flowing, Positive article on your business. Only £1 a day for 30 days. Just 1 small payment for thousands of views.




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